Which Flooring Option is the Best: Carpet or Floorboards?

Which Flooring Option is the Best: Carpet or Floorboards?

Carpet or Floorboards – What to Choose?
In the fight between carpet vs. floorboards, it is hard to decide which will look better in your room.
Both flooring options are great, no doubt; after all, nothing can beat the shine of floorboards or the
softness of a carpet. So, which one will you choose when it’s time to make a decision?
We are here to make the decision easy for you. The following are the pros and cons of both flooring
options that will help you decide what to choose:

~~~ Carpet Flooring ~~~


• Affordable
Carpet is an economical flooring option as compared to floorboards. The typical price of carpeting is
$7 per square foot. However, the price rises, depending on the type of material you are choosing and
the amount of padding you are adding. This can raise the per square foot cost by $13 to $43.
However, the overall cost will still be cheaper than floorboards.

• Safe
If you have children, then a carpet is the best option for your house, as it will cushion their falls and
keep them safe.

• Warm
In the winter season, a carpet retains warmth for a longer period of time and will keep you comfy and
cozy on your sofas.

• Noise Cancellation
When you walk on floorboards, the sound can be quite annoying, but with the padding in the carpet,
you don’t have to worry about it.


• High Maintenance
Stains on carpets are harder to remove and in order to make sure that no microorganisms are stuck in
the strands, you will have to vacuum it daily.

• Shorter Lifespan
As compared to hardwood floors, a carpet has a shorter life span. The padding can clump together,
which will compromise the softness of the carpet.

• Low Durability
If the carpet is in the path of the sunlight, its color will fade and create an unappealing sight.



~~~ Floorboards ~~~


• Maintenance
Floorboards can be easily cleaned with a little sweeping and mopping. You also don’t have to worry
about any allergens.

• Durability
Floorboards can last a lifetime! Scratches can be removed with spot cleaning solutions, which will put
the shine right back in your floorboards.

• Adds Value to Home
Since this flooring option is expensive and has a class of its own, it increases the value of a house.
Homeowners can expect to get a pretty penny for their house with floorboards.

• Ecologically Friendly
If you are worried about your carbon footprint, then buying floorboards is the best way to reduce it.
Where carpets are manufactured from petroleum, floorboards are made from pure wood. Do make sure
to ask the company if they harvest the wood in a safe and environment-friendly manner.


• Expensive
Pure hardwood floorboards like maple and oak cost around $13 per square foot. Factor in the labor and
other costs and the cost will rise to more than $20 per square foot. A great way to cheat this price hurdle
is to buy vinyl slates that mimic the hardwood feel and design.

• Noisy
Unlike carpets, floorboards are too noisy and if they are not installed properly, they make creaking sounds

• Prone to Scratches
To protect your hardwood flooring, you will have to walk on it with bare feet at all times. High heels and
shoes can cause scuff marks, whereas if any heavy object is dragged across the floor, you will see scratch
marks everywhere.

• Increased Heating Bills
Floorboards do not trap heat so be prepared to walk on a cold floor in the winter season.
Now that you have all the information, you can decide between carpet vs. floorboards.


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