How To Maintain Your Wooden Furniture

How To Maintain Your Wooden Furniture
Quality wooden items tend to last for a lifetime, and it is usually valued even after several generations.
However, the wooden furniture is highly susceptible to abrasions and scratches when not cared for properly.
Consider these essential tips to maintain the look and feel of your wooden furniture.

1. Dust Weekly
Very few people spends time to dust their TV stand, Entertainment center, or sectional sofa often.
Airborne particles create a filmy layer on the wood such as Dining Table and may scratch the furniture.
Thus, frequent dusting with cotton cloth helps in eliminating this unwanted build-up to take place.

2. Treat Minor Wear and Tear
Even though with the best care, wooden furniture might still gets scratched.
Try to treat it with scratch repair solution to patch minor scratches and nicks.
Regular liquid polishes can help in restoring the inherent beauty of wood furniture
like dinette sets and hides up abrasions.

3. Oil and Wax at Regular Intervals
Waxing and oiling a wooden bedroom set such as bed, dresser, night stand, chest, etc.
is highly suggested because it offers you a shiny and glittering new look.
Adding wax and oil to wooden vanity set periodically every 3 months is ideal.

4. Avoid Long Period of Sunlight Exposure
Be cautious about exposing the wood desk directly to sunlight for a long period of time.
It leads to the factor known as “spotting,” where dark and bright spots occur across the cross-sections.
Cover it with furniture cover such as tablecloth on the wooden furniture when necessary.

5. Avoid Keeping Hot or Cold Objects on Wood
Do not place very hot or cold objects on your wooden furniture, as they create an impression easily
and therefor damaging the texture and look of of the surface.

6. Use Warm Water for Cleaning
Make use of mild dish soap or warm water for cleaning your furniture.
Keep in mind that you must not soak the liquid for a long time.
Wipe up the residual moisture with a clean dry soft cloth.

7. Rotate Seat Cushions
If your chair or sofa has loose cushions, turn it over periodically to avoid wear and dents.
It is the best way to distribute wear evenly and avoid cushions from unforeseen indentations.

8. Quickly Clean Up Spills and Stains
It is essential to clean up the spills and staining very quickly by easily blotting the spills using a paper towel
or dry clean soft cloth. Never rub out the stain because it will create permanent staining,
Clean the stains with mild cleaning solutions.

By taking proper and regular care of your wooden items like couch, bed, TV stand, Dresser, Dining set,
or Chairs , and more will maintain a beautiful look to your home even after many years.