Five Stylish Holiday Decor Ideas for Small Space Condo

*Five Stylish Holiday Decor Ideas for Small Space Condo

For a typical homeowner, the idea of a perfect Christmas is never lacking in festive interior decor
and jolly aesthetics. The most wonderful time of the year deserves nothing less.

However, fitting everything while achieving a merry ambiance is a challenge if you live in a small space condo. What else can you add to your Multi-Purpose furniture? Won’t your space be too cramped for decor? Won’t it be too much work?

Relax! Don’t stress because when utilized creatively, your dream interior makeover can be easily achieved just in time for the holiday. All you need is some strategy. Now, let’s start to get your home
ready with these five stylish steps!

Create A Whimsical Winter Living Room

There is but one rule in designing a winter living room that actually works: Stick to a minimalist palette that exudes the colors of winter. Here, your go-to colors would be white, gray and some shimmers of gold and green. (A smart combination of black and white is also elegant but with less cheer.)

This winter concept allows you to indulge your inner Elsa. To achieve this look, go for dainty white Sofa
covers with a dazzle of gold embellishments. It works well for Futons and Sectional Sofas as well.  Simply throw in a pair of knitted pillows to complete the setup. It creates a romantic vibe perfect for a winter night with your loved ones.

You can then enliven the mood by placing a mini Christmas tree on top of your marble table. It serves as the focal point of your living room among other accents. Don’t be afraid to bring out your Christmas goodies wrapped in a similar colored wrapper for an added beauty that’s both irresistible and heart-warming.

LESS Is More for a Merry Dining Table

The last thing you would want for your holiday is a jam-packed and overwhelming dining room. A cramped space robs you of seasonal joy by giving you a headache and extra workload. It gives your well-curated furniture no justice because everything will feel suffocating.

Here, remember the rule of less is more. Whether you have a foldable table or a bistro Dining Table for two, you can still get the best out of it. These functional furniture are better decorated with minimal variations instead of too much. Maintain an uncluttered dining table by adding a minimal amount of accents and furnishings.

Decorate your upholstered chair with green ornaments and seasonal wreaths. Layer them with some baby’s breath, eucalyptus, spruce and birch twigs for an exciting variation that complements the eye.

Their sizes must be in proportion to the furniture. If you want to go big and be a little bolder, use Christmas colored feathers as a draping mantle piece for your table sides.

To keep things even more tidy, stick to a minimal decor. Forget about cascading chandeliers for they
might steal most space. For a small condominium, simple candles embellished with greenery works
just as enchanting! If you still crave for an extra glamour, your collection of fancy dinner wares can even serve as the decor itself! Now you’re ready just in time for the holiday dinner.

Seasonal Wreath For A Cheerful Kitchen Touch

No matter how small your space is, it still can boast of elegant home decor when the holiday season
arrives. As a super busy zone in your house, the Kitchen must be kept open as much as possible.
You can’t trade comfort to glamour even if it’s a holiday. One smart styling trick is to re-purpose your
kitchen without restricting its core function with unnecessary details.

Furniture such as Kitchen cabinets and wood shelves should be styled to a bare minimum.
Gold shimmers a classic celebratory vibe so don’t hesitate to incorporate them to your interior.
Bring out your golden furniture drapes and let them cover the counter in a nonchalant way.
If you’re feeling rather crafty, change your kitchen wallpaper to a cheerful Christmas shade of gold
and shimmery blue.

In need of another space saving hack? Consider using your holiday socks as a functional wall design.
You can use the socks as fancy ladle Storage. Your relatives would definitely find your kitchen decor
impressive as much as inviting. Who knows? You may even get some unexpected assistance from
your guests!

Giddy Up Your Bedroom with Fairy Lights

As much as every inch matters in your small apartment, you can’t let the limited space hold you back from creating a room worthy of the holiday coziness. The solution: get crafty with tiny fairy twinkle lights.  This is particularly beguiling for a tiny apartment bedroom. With only a few strings of lights, you can have a magical illumination on your bedroom wall.

Instead of a traditional lamp, personalize your space saving Bunk Beds with the same starry lights.
Opt for a single colored fairy lights if you want a minimalist ambiance or have a burst of fun colors
if you are feeling vibrant.

The effect is nothing less magical, especially if you have a gallery wall or artwork displayed on your
bedroom wall. Not just that. Babies (in case you’re blessed with one) would definitely love the sparkling
lights surrounding the Baby Crib.

Decorate your bedroom Headboard with tiny holiday-themed stockings where you can tuck away your
pens as well as tiny journals. Not only does it create an extra Storage, but the pop of color nicely contrast
the twinkling white lights. Fior monochromatic style, go for gray and black custom stockings.

Give Your Bathroom A Statement Christmas Look

Tired of your plain bathroom paint all year long? It’s time to scrape the dullness out of your bathroom!
All you need is a holiday-themed statement wallpaper to remind you that it’s indeed the most wonderful time of the year. A plus to the bathroom charm are some combination of greeneries such as mint leaves.

If changing the bathroom wallpaper is too much to squeeze in your schedule, shop for a customized festive rug instead. Choose the ones which will complement your current bathroom colors. White colored bathrooms can depend on white minimalist rug for a wintery vintage touch.

Changing the bathroom curtains to a similar sparkling palette will make your bathroom go glam. You can also keep it simple by adding a re-purposed wreath for a bathroom door decor. Hang the wreath the same way you’d hang a mistletoe. You can even go further by adding a holiday verse at the center.

Bathroom Mirrors? For tiny apartments, Mirrors are favorite illusionists that provide extra space thus
preventing a suffocating feel. In case you want to decorate your mirrors, some cut-out glittery snow frost will do the trick. Paste them on the mirror in such a way that the snow is falling right inside your bathroom. Once achieved, it will be both magical and surreal.

Now that you have discovered the five stylish steps to make your limited square footage work, it’s time to
unleash your creative eye for the tiny details. For an overall Christmas feel, lit up some cinnamon candles to wrap up your small condo in a fuzzy holiday scent.

Final thoughts: Remember not to overdo your decor no matter how much you are tempted. Anything that
feels too much is either too much or just wrongly placed. If you are in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask help from an interior design professional to keep your holiday decor in check.