Five Interior Designing Tips for Small Homes

FIVE Interior Design Tips for Smaller Homes
If your home or apartment is on the smaller size, then you’ve likely already run into the frustrating issue that many people face: decorating! Decorating and interior design are typically not tailored towards smaller spaces, but it’s a fact of life that many people don’t live in sprawling open floor plan homes or massive apartments. That’s where the following tips come in: these are 5 interior design tips meant specifically for living in smaller spaces.

TIP # 1 – Mount Electronics on the wall
If your home is small, don’t waste space with a bulky entertainment center. Instead, mount your TV securely on the wall and mount connected electronics (such as game systems) on Floating Shelves. If you have the money, you can also create an alcove in the wall specifically for your entertainment center. In either case, you’ll be freeing up floor space for storage ottomans and other items.

TIP # 2 – Floating Shelves
Floating shelves don’t have to be limited to your entertainment center, either. Floating Shelves can help you store books, knick-knacks, and even kitchen items like pots and pans, all without taking up precious floor space. You can even go a step further and install a slightly larger floating shelf that you can transform into a desk simply by pulling up a chair! Just remember to keep tip #3 in mind when adding your favorite décor to the shelves.

TIP # 3 – Uncluttered 
Clutter will make any home look small, but if your space is already on the genuinely smaller side then you’ll definitely want to avoid having too much stuff on display. If you don’t want to get rid of anything, at least curate throughout the year: pick a few pieces to display (whether it’s a collection, favorite figurines, artwork, etc.) and rotate them every few months. An uncluttered space will look bigger than it really is, whereas a cluttered space is only going to shrink a room, if space allowed, using a Storage Cabinet unit will store and organize many items. 

TIP # 4 – Double up on furniture uses
When you live in a small space, you typically don’t have the luxury of having different areas for different functions of the home. That’s where doubling up on how you use furniture comes in. For instance, pick a Dining Room Table that can be used as a work space when it’s time to bring your work home or for your kids to do homework on; or pick up Storage Ottoman cubes that can be used as a Coffee Table as well as storage and even extra seating.

TIP # 5 – Use light colors
When your home is on the small side, opt for lighter colors and or natural tones; such as pastel blues, beige, eggshell white and so on, check out Floating Shelves to get some ideas. These colors will help the space look bigger than it really is and most importantly, won’t create the “cramped” effect that dark paint colors do in a small room. When you’re working on the interior design for your smaller home, don’t forget to keep the above helpful tips in mind!