FIVE Home Office Decor Tips for Best Productivity

Five Home Office Décor Tips for Best Productivity

When you work from home, to either run a small business or do freelance work,
then you need to have a designated space where you can feel productive and comfortable.
You should have more than a Desk and a Chair in your home office, or you wouldn’t want to
spend most of your time there.

Here, we’ll take a look at five tips for home office décor that will make it look welcoming and
professional at the same time.

1. Pick a Room with a View

Before you can get started with décor, you need to make sure you’re picking the right room.
Get a room with a large window and position your Desk in front of it. You don’t want to look at
a blank wall while you’re working at your computer. 

If you don’t have a nice window that you can look through to regroup yourself, then you can
hang a nice Painting or a Picture frame above your desk to give the wall some personality.

2. Lighting Matters

There’s a reason why office spaces are brightly lit. You need to have enough lighting in your
home office so you can focus easily and avoid straining your eyes. Natural light can help,
but when it gets darker, you need to make sure your office space is properly illuminated.
Ambient lighting isn’t enough for a work environment, so you need to use other light sources
like Lampshades or even a Desk Lamp to make sure you have light right where you need it.

3. Paint the Walls a Beautiful Color

Instead of going for a neutral color like ‘beige’, paint the walls of your office in a color that
makes you feel more productive. Some people prefer calmer shades like sea foam blue or
lavender, while others go for brighter colors that can spruce up a dull room.
It’s important to choose a color that works for you, because some colors can put you in the
just the right mood for work.

4. Unclutter : Hide Your Cords

A home office isn’t complete without a computer and a printer, especially in this day and age. But one downside to having technology is that cord clutter is unavoidable. Instead of letting all your cords become a tangled mess, you need to use Cable Ties or a cable management kit/sleeve to keep them Organized and make sure your office space is free of clutter.

5. Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Unless you like working in a sterile environment, you need to decorate your office space with
little accessories like trendy Pen Holders and Sticky Notes, and you can even hang up a Bulletin Board. You can put a Framed photo of your loved ones on your Desk and paste any of your Artwork on the walls so that your home office looks more inviting.

Final Words

As long as you’re decorating your home office in a way that feels right to you, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable working there.