The Importance of Home Maintenance

The Importance of Home Maintenance

The Importance of Home Maintenance
Just like your health physical, maintaining your home is vital for your well being, Home maintenance
include a long list of items, most important is the furniture. Knowing about your furniture would give you the knowledge to take care of it in order to provide you and your family the best living environment at home.
In this article, I will discuss the types, care and replacement of house furniture. Let’s get started!

Different Types of Home Furniture
Furniture is the focal point of your home. Its’ presence or absence makes your home looks full
or empty and also defines your personality. Among the furniture in the home include the following:

Bedroom Furniture 
• Essentials:  Mattress, Beds, Headboards, Bedroom Set, Night Stands, Dresser, Wall Mirrors, Benches, Vanity Set, and Storage Ottoman, etc.   

Dining Room Furniture
Dining Room Sets, Armchairs, Side chairs, Buffet Table, Home Bar, and Bar Stools, etc.

Children and Nursery Furniture
Bunk Bed, Kids’ Beds, Baby Cribs, Changing Tables, and Little Girls Vanity Sets, etc.

Home Office Furniture
Desks, Storage or File Cabinets, Bookcases, and Office Chairs, etc.

How to Care for Your Home Furniture 
Everything in life needs maintenance to serve us better and longer; the same applies to your furniture.
The following tips will take you through 4 easy care steps to give your furniture a refreshed look.

Tip #1: Read your furniture care labels
Most furniture has a care label that offers essential maintenance information for your furniture.
If there is no care label, try to contact the seller and ask for the best way to care for it.

Tip #2: Never expose your furniture to direct Sun heat
The sun UV is not a friend of your furniture. Therefore, Protect it from regular exposure to sunlight with covers.

Tip #3: Rotate and move periodically
Leaving your furniture in the same spot could accelerate its damage or deterioration.
Rotate and change its position regularly to dislodge any pests, dirt, or microorganism
that is likely to destroy your furniture. Changing the current location could have people sit on the other side
and balance the use of the cushions. During the rotation, use the opportunity to clean and observe different
areas for dust and dirt or even damages. 

Tip #4: Protect the surfaces
The surface of your furniture needs protection, and there are different ways you can protect it.
You could cover your tabletop with variety of protector. Your sofa leather or fabric can be protected
using trusted protector made for them. Also, clean using the recommended cleaning agent can help to
remove mildew that may grow and ruin your furniture.

Furniture replacement
No matter the quality all furniture would age or go out of style if you like to keep up new trends.
Six signs your furniture needs replacing:

1.  The furniture no longer fit the space in your room
2.  It starts to make creaking sounds
3.  When the cushion is visibly flat and supports giving way
4.  Your sofa or mattress makes you itchy and uncomfortable
5.  No longer as appealing or paint off
6.  The upholstery is wrinkled, torn or out of shape

If you have noticed any signs of the above then it’s time to replace the furniture.
You don’t need to change the entire home furniture at once, just start with one item
or area first and do it one by one until you’re satisfied.